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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" HIPPOCRATES

Mushroom Tinctures



Natural Skincare



We have now made the most potent tincture available. These are completely pure drops, brewed on medicinal mushrooms. All our tinctures are made using double extraction for optimal benefit from the mushroom's properties. Without glycerin and with the most powerful extraction method and press. Urban Forest's tinctures are brewed from the forest's incredible medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Shiitake. 100% pure extract, without glycerin for a powerful result.

FOLK REMEDY. All the tinctures of mushrooms are made by double extraction for optimal results of active substances.. Strong antioxidants, adaptogens and each with its own areas of action.

The products are produced in Norway and the mushrooms come from Norwegian farmers. 




Urban Forest's own tinctures are made by double extraction. Ethanol (alcohol) extraction (a traditional tincture) provides higher levels of triterpines, sterols and equanimity, which account for some of the anticancer activity, immunomodulatory activity and facilitation of healthy cell generation. Hot water extracts (tea) provide higher levels of melanins, polyphenols, polysaccharides and beta-glucans. Double extraction thus gives the highest yield of the mushrooms.


Mushrooms can activate different parts of the immune system and can contribute to increased mental focus. Mushrooms contain a number of vitamins and minerals, are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Here you will find large amounts of beta-glucans, which help to stimulate the immune system. Polysaccharides, glutathione and ergothioneine..


Chaga, from nature's own tip chamber. A strong antioxidant with years of tradition in folk medicine. It can be enjoyed as a tea or tincture. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Chaga is an adaptogenic mushroom that adapts to the body's needs. A highly valued tree fungus. Chaga can contribute to increased stimulation of the immune system, healthier skin and epidermal support. Can be a source of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for everyday well-being.


LION'S MANE Tincture: Lion's Mane (Løvemanke/Piggsvinsopp) has the special property that it can repair NGF (nerve growth factor). It can improve focus, memory and mood and has been used to improve cognition and increase the release of nerve growth factor, a protein that can increase the length of nerve cell processes.

Porcupine mushroom) also has a long tradition of use for brain health.

Some cultures recognize the mushroom as an aid to memory, concentration and general mental function; others point to Lions Mane (Pigswine Mushroom) to enhance nerve growth and repair, as well as bring clarity and focus


Red Reishi has several complex polysaccharides and can enhance our organ functions. Over the years, a lot of research has been done on this mushroom and it is conclusive that it gives you a positive immune response, and creates internal balance.


This mushroom is often called the mushroom of the gods or "the mushroom with spiritual power". According to studies and research, Reishi is said to particularly help with stress, insomnia and hormonal fluctuations, in addition to having a calming effect on the nervous system.


Reishi's extraordinary complex of active substances can stimulate the body's own healing processes. An important role here is played by the polysaccharides and triterpenes, secondary plant substances that are particularly good for health.


Chinese and Japanese herbalists often recommend reishi mushrooms to patients who have trouble sleeping. Reishi is considered by some to be a "Shen tonic" for restoring one's awareness and emotional balance. According to this approach, when Shen (or spirit) is in balance, so are mood, cognition, and sleep function. Including this adaptogenic herb in your daily health routine can be a solution to relieve stress and relax both body and mind for a better night's sleep.



Moderate scientific studies indicated that the mushroom helps against cardiovascular diseases (including atherosclerosis) by preventing too much immune cell binding to the lining of our blood vessels. Shiitake is also a good source of B vitamins. It contains three different B vitamins, B2, B5 and B6. There are also a number of minerals in this edible mushroom, such as manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, copper and zinc. In addition, there is dietary fibre, protein and vitamin D2.


In Chinese culture, the shiitake mushroom, known for its aphrodisiac properties, is a symbol of youth and virility. Shiitake mushrooms contain a variety of beneficial compounds that can boost your immune system.

Shiitake mushrooms are high in B vitamins as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin, niacin, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, folate, vitamin D, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6. An impressive collection of vitamins and minerals


Mushroom Blend

A mixture of three of the most important medicinal mushrooms Lions Mane, Shitake and Reishi. Lion's Mane is known to have positive properties on the nervous system. Stimulants can have a particularly good effect on anxiety, fatigue and depression. Alzheimer's and dementia are at the center of research with this fungus and it is said to be able to slow down the aging process of our nervous system.



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For product information or other enquiries, contact e-mail Retailers are asked to contact Vitalkost AS

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